Boobs Are Funny

With 13 y/o and 10 y/o daughters the topic of bodies and their ever-changing state seem to be daily discussions.  I don't mind.  I grew up with a fantastic mom who let me ask anything and honest answers were given.  (It was really up to my comfort level in what I wanted to ask.)

I'm doing my best with my answers (thank you American Girl "The Care & Keeping Of You" !) but sometimes it helps to bring a little silliness into the mix.

How Boobs Got Their Name:

Silly is good

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  1. So funny and so true. Especially given our family endowments! You know I understand completely.

  2. very funny. I totally stole it....


  3. Hey...I just learned something new!! Thank you! Yes, some boobs are funny...mine are sad! =)


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