Aleve Please Sponsor My Workouts!

I think the exercise industry and the pain reliever industry are in cahoots*.  You really can't have one without the other.  (And those of you doing 20 minutes of leg lifts know what I'm talking about!)

At some point in the workout I wonder, 'Are my legs supposed to feel like this?' and 'How the hell do these women instructors keep smiling AND talking?!?'

I am so grateful there isn't a camera on me... you wouldn't want to see, trust me.

But I know this is the right thing to do, it's good for me and all that.  Right?  It's good for me.  Oh wait, maybe that's what the last Aleve commercial was telling me.

Cahoots* I tell ya'!

(*Cahoots = Old time cowboy talk  for "partnership")

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  1. Now there's a thought. I wish we could get a sponsor for everything in life lol.
    You should start a will blog for Aleve or *insert any product we need* campaigns :) I think mine will be will blog for wine :)
    Stopping by from the hop. I'm following you on twitter.

  2. I refuse to go to a "class" or "Gym" to work out. I don't think people are meant to do these things in "public". I'll stick to the walking. I do though notice my feet hurt less this week after going out 3-4 nights in a row of walking.


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