Tool Time

It does nothing for my spirit to look out one of my little windows and see garbage and recycling cans. 'What if ', I thought, 'there was a fence of some kind that would block their view and in turn create a new space for flower baskets to hang, or a trellis for climbing rose bushes.  Something, anything other than looking at garbage cans.'

Then I thought, 'Hey, Rob loves to build things.  How about I do him a favor and give him a project.'  I'm just so thoughtful in that way.

Meet the crew of the new Receptacle Viewing Improvement Project:

I can't wait to get some flowers out there!

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  1. That turned out fabulous! you are so close to your neighbours.

  2. Yes, Mary we are so-o-o-o close. Someday I dream of having more space. :->


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