No, You May Not See My I.D.

There is a point when being carded for purchasing an alcohol beverage is no longer fun, or charming, it's just ridiculous.

I am so way past 21 that to think that I'm not old enough to buy this wine is a joke.  And I see that some stores post, "If you appear 26 or younger we will ask to see i.d."  That's just fine.  However, I'm pretty darn sure that all of my lotions and potions, no matter how expensive they are or how vigilantly I apply them, are having me look younger by twice my age.

There was a time when I would respond to the request of "Can I see your i.d.?" with a big smile.  'Well, of COURSE you can!' I would say, waiting to see the shocked expression on their face and hope they would respond with a "Wow!".  Not to say that that would happen, I just wanted it to.

Now if they ask for i.d. I get annoyed.  They're just messin' with me.  Look cashier person, I'm onto you.  You were probably trained to spot the tired looking mom in line, with her bottle(s) ;-> of wine on the conveyor belt and were told to 'ask for proof of appropriate age', thinking that would just make our day.  Well, let me tell you, when/if you ask, I'm not charmed.  I'm getting a bit insulted.  Did you even really look at me?  I've earned my lines and wrinkles from years of livin', so the best way to acknowledge my "experience" is NOT to card me. 

(This kind of attitude comes with age, People.  But those of you in my age group know that already, don't you?  :-> )

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  1. Thank you!!! Everyone says 'you should be thankful' Well I'm not. I don't want to dig through my purse with the little ones pulling my legs or candy off of the shelf.

    I'm WAY over 21. It's obvious. I finally had it with one cashier the other day. I really needed the wine because I had my niece and my girls who were all hopped up on sugar from their sleep over and I go through this woman's line every week. I asked told her 'Why don't you look at me. I go through you line all of the time so why don't you remember me then we both won't have to go through this any more."

    sorry for my rant :)

  2. No one asks me for my ID. I don't know if that's good or bad :)

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  4. There comes a time when getting proofed is downright annoying and inconvenient for sure!!! No, I will NOT go out to the car in the snow to get my ID so I can have a beer with dinner at Applebees! Grrrr!!

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  6. Man it has been a long, long time since anyone asked for my ID. ;)
    I am also following you via FFF blog hop. Please follow me.



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