Need A Mom Class

Had some one-on-one time with my 13 yrs. old and did my best to "check-in".  We spend time together as a family, have family dinners, encourage conversation but the dialogue changes when it's just you and your child.

As we walked I told her my honest feelings about not doing enough, I feel I'm not doing enough for my girls.  She said, "Mom, you're doing a lot.  Maybe we just want too much." 

Awe... that was nice to hear.  But I wasn't referring to not buying them tons of Bakugan or Zoobles.  I was talking about motivation.  I see that my kids don't have that drive to join the soccer team, or the chess club or get that Lemonade Stand going when the sun decides to shine.  If one of my kids participated in anything it was because I bribed them with the promise of chocolate after every practice. 

I know my children are smart, talented and all that good stuff.  I know that they would be great, or at least make some friends and have fun, if they participated.  But I don't push them, I don't bribe them any more.  And I feel like a lousy mom.  I see so many kids in our school, in our neighborhood, who are on sports teams or after-school groups and I wonder, what's missing in my guidance?  What am I doing wrong? 

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  1. my struggle in this life of boys is that I do too much! I feel like I'm always pointing them in the directions I wish they would go all on their own? but the fear that they will not "get it?" is huge!


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