A Warning Sign Isn't Enough

I started to write a post about dogs.  Or, a dog breed in particular.  But as I was going along I realized that the only outcome of my post would be a debate, and no matter what anyone tells me will I ever be swayed to believe that this particular breed of dog is safe.  Never.  Ever.  Nuh uh.  Here's what provoked my post:

Our little neighborhood paper printed a story about a pit bull that attacked a black Labrador, a leashed Labrador that was on a stroll with its owner 4 weeks ago.  The pit bull charged from it's residence, attacked the Labrador and killed it with a 7-inch laceration to its throat.  The paper states that the owner of the pit bull and the owner of the Labrador did what they could to halt the attack, but nothing worked.  This happened on the street where I live, where I live with my family and my chocolate Labrador.

The consequences to the pit bulls owners have been that their dog must wear a muzzle when off the premises and that they must post a sign in a window of their home that states, "Warning: Potentially dangerous dog on the premises."  ("Potentially"?  Are you kidding me???)  When the owners of the pit bull were interviewed on KATU news they stood outside with their dog - who wasn't wearing a muzzle.  (See interview here.  See Labrador owner's interview on KGW news here.)

Take the dog's breeds out of the equation and the facts are these;  a dog attacked and killed another dog.  To be accurate, a pit bull attacked and killed a black Labrador.  If I don't want a debate on the pit bull breed why did I post this?    Because I'm angry and I'm scared.  And I just don't understand how an owner of a dog that has killed another dog can be so casual about it's behavior.

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  1. Wow, scary! I hate to say it (being the dog lover that I am), but that pit bull should be euthanatized, especially since the owners clearly aren't taking it very seriously.

  2. Do not be afraid to speak your mind. Pit bull owners/lovers are very vocal about their rights but if any negative comments or stories are published or spoken of, we are looked upon as uncaring or uneducated.

    This story is devastating and it's unbelievable that the owner blatantly disregarded what he was supposed to do with his dog by muzzleing it. Law enforcement is as much to blame if any future tragedy strikes, which is of little comfort.

  3. Yes the never-ending debate about safe dogs...


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