Virgin Toilet Paper

So I'm at the store, in the Health Food Dept. and I see a lovely "Earthy" woman and her son.  I'm checking out the teas to see if something catches my eye in the Tension Reliever catagory and I hear the woman tell her son "No.  They only have virgin toilet paper.  I guess we can wait."


Her young son says, "What do you mean?"  Thank you little boy, my thoughts exactly but not brave enough to turn and ask.

"Virgin toilet paper is paper that hasn't been recycled " she says.  "They had to cut down a tree to make that toilet paper.  So we'll just tough it out until the recycled toilet paper is here."


I look in my cart and see the multi-pak of Virgin paper towels staring back at me.  Oh the humanity!  I've chopped down a whole damn tree just so I could clean my counter-tops and wipe my hands!


I felt this woman was trying to make a point with me and that was annoying.  Does anybody really need to speak that loudly about toilet paper? 

I reduce.  I reuse.  I recycle.  Now I would like to start a movement (no pun intended) to Re-name "Recycled Toilet Paper."  The images that conjures are incredibly disturbing. 

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  1. Ha! Very funny! Hope she doesn't decide to just recycle her own toilet paper herself at home. That's just gross!

  2. Recycled TP brings up all kinds of nasty images!

  3. So I was at the Zoo the other day and noticed elephant dung made into cute little stationary. Immediately I thought I would only ever use those notes if I needed to send a negative message to someone. I mean who wants a note / letter written on elephant dung. No.thank.you. Perhaps this Mom can contact the local zoo ...

  4. So how did she plan to "tough it out"? Do they collect dead leaves to use as toilet paper or what?? I am all for recycling, but not so much that I would go without TP!


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