Almost Eye To Eye

I can not express how much it messes with my mind to have my 13 year old daughter be almost as tall as I am. 

"Height does not equal maturity", I keep reminding her as she asks to go to the mall with her older friend and I pleasantly decline.  For some reason she thinks the proper response to my 'no' is, "I'm almost as tall as you!" 

Um, yeah. So?  (Inner dialogue of course, I'm no dummy.  Picking my battles!)

I remember being tall while at a young age and adults that I encountered had the tendency to forget that I was still a child.   Comments were made that I didn't need to hear, and behavior could be a bit too grown up for my tastes.  But you learn to deal the best you can.

It's difficult wanting to be perceived as responsible, when inside you would rather be with the "younger kids" playing Lego's.  I learned my lesson a few months ago while at a family function.  I had toys for the cousins while I bought something a bit more mature for her.  Oh boy, that did not go over well.  This year, toys for everyone! 

I wish time would slow to a crawl some days.  I wish we could live in a bubble most days.  But on we go. 

I think I'll start wearing high heels - if my mind is going to be messed with I might as well have great looking legs.

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  1. I'm 5'5 1/2" and my 13 year old daughter is just over 5'5". People think she's older than she really is all the time. Especially boys at the mall who check her out. I swear some day I'm just going to yell out, "She's thirteen, Mr. Hairy Legs. THIR . . . . TEEN!"

  2. I don't have that problem yet, Tara is still shorter than me! She has a friend though that has not yet turned 13, and she looks like she is much older. It is funny how you forget they are still just children! Sometimes she will do something that makes me scratch my head, but then I remember she is not as mature as she looks!

  3. Oh, I feel your sorrow! My daughter is my height (she's 17) and my 13 year old son is taller than me with a size 11 foot to boot! Haha..foot...to boot...somewhat on purpose! I have to remind myself all the time that he is only 13! It really is sad that they are not babies anymore. Some days I just want to scrunch them up and shove them back in my uterus!!!


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