Ah, To Be 13 Again. No Thank You!

I guess my 13 yr. old daughter feels there's not enough drama in her real life so she needs to make our interactions appear like they've come from a soap opera to feel she's really living the teen life style.

I bite my lip trying not to laugh at her comebacks to my requests.  I can't believe how many times I've heard, "You just don't understand!", "How can life be so unfair!" and "You'll never know how this feels" - all this from the request of 'Will you empty the dishwasher?'.

Is there a camera in our house?  Is she auditioning for the latest lame reality show and forgot to tell us?   (Latest mantra - I will keep my sense of humor, I will keep my sense of humor. )

The fact that her responses make me think we're going to end up on The Soup make keeping a straight face very difficult.  Thank you Joel McHale and bless you.

This is just the beginning.  I thought when I heard others talk of this age that it wouldn't be this, well, weird.  But it just kind of starts like a ripple then the waves get bigger and bigger. 

I hope I can find a lifeboat - soon!

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  1. Oh honey! Hang on. The "fun" has just begun. Your saving grace is your humor and you DO remember what it was like to be that age, it wasn't that long ago! You can tell her that and let her know her Aunt Kathi told you to say that.

  2. We are in this together. Seriously, I have to laugh, or I
    would scream. I definitely pick my battles. Some things just not worth getting us both worked up about. You should see what she says about me on Twitter when she is being dramatic!!!!

  3. Oh I still get this from a 20 yr old so it goes and comes, Welcome to the teenage drama and beyond!!

  4. Found you through the hop. Ah the drama! I wonder if we were full of drama as well? Probably not (wink) Now following on Twitter. Nice post!

    twitter: @claylauren2001
    facebook: claytonpaulthomas


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