Shut Up and Be Inspired

How am I to help guide my Teen through her "Peer drama", "I don't want to grow-up", "Leave me alone can't you see I'm not a baby any more?" filled life, when I absolutely hated being that age myself?!

I was a chaperon for my daughter's 7th grade field trip to see the Alvin Ailey dancers at a stunningly gorgeous venue, the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (for those of us old enough to remember it will always be known as The Paramount.) 

This was a city wide event for schools so we really needed to represent our neighborhood.  Silly me thinking that the kids would make an attempt to dress up ever so slightly with maybe a shirt that wasn't so tight, or so low, or jeans that weren't so torn.  Oh well, on with the show.

There is a drawback (no pun intended) while living in a "City of "Bridges", our bus was caught on a bridge on-ramp for a half-an-hour.  I am already not a huge fan of this troop and this really put my patience to the test.  (*closing eyes*... I'm in a pretty meadow... and in that meadow are fragrant flowers... and nestled in those flowers is a fully stocked bar... I'm in a pretty meadow...)

We made it to the venue with minutes to spare and I was the lucky chaperon who was given the honor of guiding the children that the teacher was having "difficulty" with.  *heavy sigh*  I've been hanging out in class with most of these kids since Kindergarten and it's hard for me to hear the more grown versions call their teacher a Bitch.   There's a part of me that wants to talk with them about their situation, guide them to a healthier way of dealing with their emotions and another part of me that wants to see how they'd react to a large bar of soap in their mouth.  (I love daydreaming.)

In the end, the Alvin Ailey dancers were transforming.  They were powerful, evoking emotion that I didn't think I had for a modern dance performance.  Just beautiful.  I hope the kids got it.  What ever "it" is. 

I hope they were inspired.


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  1. My daughter is 11 and in fifth grade and it's hard navigating those waters with her. I have no doubt that she's not going to grow up to be awesome, but the tween years are not easy, so far.

  2. Yup. I've got a 10 year old going on 16 here. No need to elaborate any further.

  3. Jamie took the words right out of my mouth.... people who complain about the terrible twos have not yet had a teen. The "tween" years were a breeze too! Yesterday I "warned" Tara of a potentially embarrassing issue when she exited the car... her response was - OMG, don't you think I realized it? You didn't even give me a chance to get out of the car! Moral of the story? Next time I will not mention any such said embarrassing issue, and for that I am sure I will still get "yelled" at!

    We all must remain strong, others have lived through to tell about it!

    I "stalk" Tara's twitter and facebook - it is my right as her mother, she hates it, but the things that I read are sometimes so difficult. All parents are made out to be ogres, when I am sure most are not... other kids just struggle so hard to belong.


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