Craigslist Etiquette Vent

I've sold a few things on Craigslist and for the most part it's a fine experience.  But ... I have to vent on those that don't quite get it. 

The most delightful transactions are where you post what you have for sale, someone responds with an e-mail asking "Is this still available?  Please call me."  You call them, tell them 'yes' and they say "Great.  What's your address?"  They arrive when they say they will, pay you the cash payment you specified, you exchange goods and off they go.  All is right in the Craigslist World.  But then there are those that Just - Don't - Get - It.

Exhibit A.)

Within my sales post of a $10 item I clearly state what part of the city I live in.  I receive an e-mail stating "I'm interested.  Please call."  When I call I'm asked where I live, I tell them, they say they don't have a car and would like me to drive to their house and deliver the $10 item.  They live 15 miles away.   Um, no.  I tell them I'm not up for that and I'm sorry that it won't work out.  *click*  However, they keep e-mailing me asking if I've changed my mind.  Um, no.

Exhibit B.)

Within my post I include my asking price.  When I receive an e-mail stating "I'm interested.  Please call."  I call right away.  When I give my location the possible purchaser asks if I will take $10 off my asking price because you see, she drives a big SUV and with the cost of gas and all, gee whiz, well I understand, right?  Yeah.  Yeah I understand.  That's why I've priced my brand new/never used item at $40 less then what a retailer is asking!!

When I post something on Craigslist I think of this as an honest transaction, kind of like a legitimate store.  You wouldn't call a department store and ask a Sales Associate to drive the product to you, would you??  Or, you wouldn't go to a Sales Clerk and say "Well, I did drive a long way to get here in my huge gas guzzling car, so I think you should take that into consideration and remove the cost of gas from my total."  You just wouldn't do that!  (Although, I totally get it.)

I understand the art of haggling.  I understand trying to get the best deal.  But when I have researched a product, have seen what a retailer is asking and then lower my price by almost half, I get very insulted when I'm asked to take even more of a cut.  I don't think it's fun, it pisses me off.

And that is my Craigslist Etiquette Vent of the day.  Good day to you.

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  1. Anne as a new devotee to Craigslist I see your vent and raise you one. I follow instructions on the posters entry. I call if you ask to call and I email if you ask to email. I also understand I am getting a deal but please Mr or Mrs Seller do not lie to me. I understand it's used but don't tell me it's like new if it has been submerged in the creek for 5 years and you just fished it out.

  2. I have only done a couple Craigslist transactions, and they were things for free, but maybe if you put price FIRM in your write up? I'm not a haggler by nature, so I would never dream of doing such as that!

  3. I adore Craigslist, but you're right, there are just some people that make you want to scream. My hubby, feeling very generous, delivered a blender to a woman. She then sent him e-mail after e-mail upset at him because the container wasn't glass. Our ad specifically stated that it was plastic. Then she vented on and on about how he was a fraud and she was going to alert CL. Whatever. Poor woman must be insane.

  4. This is exactly why we donate everything to Goodwill and write it off on our taxes.
    I don't do crazy.

  5. That would bother me too. I hope you don't run into more problems with Craigs list shoppers!

  6. I don't put stuff on Craigslist but even when I had garage sales, if the price tag said a freakin' quarter, they would ask if I would take a dime! Are you kidding? Are we living in 1942?? Seriously, you can't even buy a gumball for a dime anymore!

  7. Your post is so true! lol,,I can't believe some people sometimes! Really,their recieving the items listed almost free and has the nerve to ask for discounts for what ever reason!wow,,nice vent!
    I'm your new follower,maybe you can ck out my blog to return the follow if you want.
    Have a good day!
    I found your blog through Carolee from Blogging Buddies!

  8. That would bother me too. I hope you don't run into more problems with Craigs list shoppers!


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