What Would You Like?

You know what I would like...?

I would like an alarm clock that wakes you with applause.

I would like my grocery stores' sliding glass doors to say "Yeah!" when they open.

I would like my car seat to say "Wow, you must be losing weight" when I sit down.

It would be so nice to turn everyday tasks into something a little encouraging.

What about you?  What would you like?

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  1. *smile* Encouraging...I would like, for ma kidz to clean up after themselves.
    I would like ma own place.
    I would like a pair of heeley'z!
    *smile* Just ma random likes for the moment..Stay Blessed..

  2. Love this!!! I would like people to just say "thank you" sometimes.

  3. That's funny! My younger daughter say to sliding doors when they open - thank you, Mr. {I love it}

  4. If I'm keeping this light I would say I'd like for everyone to smile more often. No 1- makes people wonder what the heck your up too! 2- bet you'd get a smile back more often. 3 - people would look you in the eyes more often and perhaps truely see each other.


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