When it's Garbage Day we have a collection of people that like to look through our bins for bottles and what-not.  (We gave up months ago on returning our bottles to receive the deposit money back.  Let's say my fellow "return-ees" were a bit rough and I wasn't up for risking my safety for $1.05.)

I don't know why but, if I'm by the window and see someone going through my bottles, I tend to duck behind the curtain.  Why am I hiding?  I'm not the one going through someone else's discards, so what's my deal?

Is it out of personal respect?  Or, that by my "seeing" them, they'll feel a loss of dignity? 

I don't know.   I over-think things sometimes.

Random thoughts. 

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  1. I think it's pretty thoughtful that you want to give them their privacy!!

  2. OR you don't want them catching you watching them...like you some type of stalker! I know thats ma thoughts of when I 'm ducking off from someone! LOL! shoot, they mite think I'm crazy...don't even matter what they doing! *smile*

  3. I often leave my stuff that I no longer want at the curb. It is usually in perfect condition and I could make money off of it at a garage sale but I promised my hubbie I wouldn't do garage sales anymore. At least not for a while. So, I give it away at the curb. I get rid of it, someone gets a rare gem of a find for free and we are all happy! But for some reason, I feel bad if they see me watching them take the stuff. I think I just don't want them to feel they are being watched. I have actually had someone taking something I left at the curb then put it back and drove away when he saw me watching him. I felt so bad!

  4. I know! I'm not sure what it is that either a.) Makes us feel self conscious for taking something that someone WANTS to be taken away or b.) Has us feel awkward if we see someone taking the items. It really doesn't make any sense. Or does it? ;->


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