Music To My Ears

While growing up my mom always had the radio on while we rushed around getting ready for school/work.  Now the music that played on the radio wasn't my choice, the DJ was what it was all about.  By the time you heard his happy conversation with his happy newsman you should be having your breakfast.  And by the time the listener game "Stump The Jock" came on you knew you should be brushing your teeth and getting out the door.  Even though the music wasn't "cool" enough for this "hip" kid this radio program was our time keeper and got us where we needed to be on time.

Here I am, years (and years) later and I'm finding myself listening to the same radio station.  What's happened to me?!?  Have I outgrown the *pound*pound*crash*zing* of the music that used to get me going in the morning?  Have I settled into the Mom-Jeans/Mellow-Pop/"Feel Good News Of The Day" radio station?  Well let's just say, I have... for now.

Maybe it has something to do with my girls.  Newly 13 and 10, their daily conversations and questions become more intense and dramatic.  Now I'm looking for light-hearted, silly stuff.  Something that will take the edge off of LIFE, just for a little bit.

So, I will continue to listen to my Light Rock (hah!), Light News, Light-hearted radio station for awhile.
It puts you in a happy place - kind of like Xanax on the radio.

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  1. OMG, I feel the same way about the conversations I have with Tara. So few and far between are those funny light hearted conversations we used to have. Sometimes I am even afraid to open my mouth, for fear of her interpreting what I say differently than I intended. I totally now understand where the communications problems come between parents and teens... I used to think it would be different for us!

  2. My Mom woke us up with The Statler Brothers? So I do not plan to listen to them. I do understand becoming like your Mom, I am also doing that??

  3. Early on my Mom got up to get me to school in the morning but as I got older (high school) she no longer got up unless I missed the bus. While we never had much in common it would have been nice to see her get up and make sure I was off to school. Not much else to say 'bout that other than I'm gonna make damned sure I'm up for my kids every day no matter what age.


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