Mary Jane in Seventh Grade

I'm not talking shoes.

"Mary Jane" a.k.a. Marijuana.  (How old am I? ;-> )

When I picked up my daughters from school yesterday my 7th grader was upset because some classmates were in trouble but she didn't know why.  She said that her friends were keeping something from her and she felt horrible. 

Later we found out these friends knew that a classmate brought a bag of pot to school and was showing it around.  The rumor was if you had anything to do with the bag you were in trouble, so I did my best to reassure Katie that her friends did her a big favor by keeping her out of the loop.

If you have a child in Middle School do you ever feel like you're living an ABC After School Special?  (Are you even old enough to know what an After School Special is?  ;-> ).    I feel like I've been in training for these moments in my childs life, yet when the moment comes I don't know if I'm saying the right things, or just looking like the dorky, out-of-touch parent.  I don't think I am, but an eye roll from a 13 yrs. old can make you doubt yourself. 

We talk and talk until she says, "No more!".  That's fine.  It kind of makes me laugh.  And I do laugh, then she laughs.  Then I walk away, hoping that we're on a positive path.  I could always talk to my mom, about anything, I hope my daughter knows that about me too.

And... scene.

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  1. I like how open and honest you are with your kids. You're a wonderful mom!


  2. And you are a sweetheart.

    I love your blog, by the way :->

  3. Yep, its EVERYWHERE! I don't like keeping things from ma kidz either...I feel like we the momz why should society raise ma babiez and do a crappy job at it too! continue to talk to your daughter about it and i personally would find out about the friends and talk to them or the parents as well! Whatever floats ya boat! *smile* Its Friday...Stay Blessed..

  4. I get girl-girl and girl-boy drama, but not that!! Wow, crazy! I also have my daughter say, "okay can we stop talking now!" She gets it from her dad!!

  5. OMG! My daughter is in gr. 7 and one of her classmates had sex just before Christmas.

    Now, this week her school was all in the news for sexting. It was older highshcool kids, but still! They have a full time officer in the school. And, we live in a small rural town of 6000. (they have put the gr. 7 and 8's in with the highschool kids here, not the best idea, I don't think)

  6. That's what I think when I watch Lifetime. I mean with all the horrible things Lifetime has on it I'd be screaming uncle. Jeesh.


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