In The Eye of the Beholder

Today is Rob's birthday.  Yeah!!!  Our youngest is quite the artist and started working on a birthday card for him before she went to school.  I saw the cover...

and loved all of the hearts.  She was rushing with her work, even though I told her she could finish her drawing when she came from school.  She is a determined little girl and really wanted her creation to be done before her dad left for the day so she drew as fast as she could.  She asked, "What does dad like to do again?  He likes golf, right?"  I said, 'Sure' and fast and away went her little pencil. 

Um... well...

Am I the only one that doesn't see a golf club next to a golf ball in the grass?  I mean I do... after I tell my brain that that is what I'm supposed to be seeing.  Yep.  Um hmm, it's a golf club and golf ball alright, sure.

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

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  1. Eventually I do too.

    My naughty brain ;->

  2. Uh, I am not seeing a golf club either. All I can say is, Go Rob!!! :) And um, go you, too! ;)
    Happy birthday guitar guy!

  3. Of course it's a golf club! What else could it be?

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