Portlandia - Yeah, I Get It

I love my city.  I love Portland, OR.  Grew up here (moved away to the East Coast for 4 years - liked that very much), came home, got married, started a family. 

Portland is odd.  Portland is laid back.  Portland is odd - oh wait, I said that already. 

There's a new show starting tonight on the IFC Channel called "Portlandia". (Here's a delightful picture of the statue Portlandia herself as she sits atop the entry to City Hall...)

Kinda creepy.  Kinda cool.

I think they got it.  I do believe Fred Armisen (SNL), Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney) and Jonathan Krisel (SNL) feel the silliness that is Portland and portrayed it accurately.  If the "show" comes across as absurd, I don't care.  "Portlandia" is a great take on my town.  I love it.

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  1. Never been to Portland but would like to visit. Gotta watch that show too!

  2. Portland sounds pretty cool! However I wont be catching the show (rarely watch t.v.) But its cool you love where ya from....REP YOUR CITY!! *smile* Enjoy ya Saturday, ma!


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