Bells And Whistles

The night before dad's procedure he wanted to take us to his favorite casino, "Muckleshoot".  (This is the Pacific Northwest so there are plenty of casinos. )  I have such a hard time gambling.  I keep thinking that I could be doing something with this money... like buying groceries.  When I look around the room I don't see many people that have the same quandry.   *Flash* ding-ding-ding *Flash* coo coo sounds and bright colors.  It's hypnotizing.

I think dad was able to forget about his procedure for a little bit.  A teeny-tiny bit.  A little distraction at .30 cents a pop isn't such a bad deal.

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  1. Hi Ann,
    How's your Dad doing? I've been thinking about your family, trusting that everything is ok.

  2. The sounds of a casino are hypnotic....
    How is your dad?

  3. screw the groceries!!! SHOES, BABY, SHOES!!!

  4. Whenever I took my mom to the casino in Atlantic City, I always won. The few times I went into a casino since she died, I always lost immediately.
    I haven't been for years now.

  5. I'm glad he had some "time" to just. Be. I hope he's healing?

    my MIL can rock the casino and walk the casino but can't walk at home sometimes.

  6. I agree with this, glad he enjoyed the time!


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