That Being Said

Phrases are a large part of popular culture.  I've had my fill of  "Think Outside The Box" and "TMI".  Now I'm realizing another phrase becoming common place and I can't figure out why?

In the past 2 weeks I've noticed  people explain a situation then utter, "That being said..."  and continue on with either their decision or conclusion. 

Why are they reminding us that they've said something?

Why do they think we wouldn't understand that their decision came from the facts they had just given us? 

It seems to be wasted words, an unnecessary, enjoying-the-sound-of-their-own-voice, statement.

That Being Said... do you have any phrases that you would like to have put out to pasture?  ;->

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  1. "you know what I'm sayin'"


    "Ya know..."


  2. Ya think?
    How's that working for you?

    I have to admit I use Ya think? too much with Tara, and I am trying to stop!

    Don't hear that being said here too much!

  3. I'm posting as annon. because I'm too lazy to go sign in to wordpress, and I'd just my twitter handle, but there is no option for that (appalachiankate). Living down South, the phrase that most makes me want to poke my eyes out is "I heard that."

    As in...my kids were insane today at school. They wouldn't settle down or do any work.
    I heard that!

    It's that phrase people tie to things when they don't know what to say, or when they want to agree with you. It drives me insane.


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