Just Say No... To Nutmeg???

I heard on the news last night that parents need to be on watch for the latest "drug" craze for teens... Nutmeg.  They are telling us that Nutmeg is being rolled and smoked, or put into a pipe and smoked, just like marijuana and that it gives the smoker similar effects of that wacky-tobacky.  Nutmeg???

I can see it now, if Nutmeg can get you where you'd rather be than cinnamon must not be far behind.  We'll start barricading our spice racks for the sake of our precious children.  Coffee houses far and wide will have to put their condiment island on lock down.  All of the cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg shakers will be chained to the table and highly monitored with cameras and scales.

Possible future phone conversation:

Mom: "Timmy.  Where are you?"
Timmy: "I'm at Johnny's house"
Mom:  "No you're not.  I went to Johnny's and no one was home"
Timmy: "Well, we went to the park to hang out too"
Mom:  "No you didn't.  I went by the park also... you weren't there.  Tell me the truth.  Where are you?"
Timmy: "Um, well..."
Mom:  "Timmy??"
Timmy:  "Um...  we're at Starbucks"
Mom:  "No Timmy Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!"

And... uh oh... Holiday baking is upon us. Could powdered sugar be far behind?!?

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  1. As my grandma always said, "it's always something with these kids!" At least you didn't tell me to say "no" to the drinkable kind loaded with rum!! That would have been sad!

  2. Ok...I always think people can read my mind and then realize they can't. So to clear it up...I connect nutmeg to eggnog! =)

  3. Well, there is the cinnamon challenge prank...pretty soon we'll have to show ID to buy spices!

  4. Think of the possibilities to 'spice' up one's sex life!
    Happy to find you on Twitter tonight, we used to live in OR before moving to FL, my hub would move back tomorrow!

  5. Sooooo ... what can I bake with nutmeg ... hmmmm let's see ....

  6. I have been burning sage lately in my home to "clear" negative energy. It smells a bit like pot. When my husband came home, I had to assure him I had not been smoking the wacky tobacky and show him the burnt sage stick.

  7. Sorry I was in the kitchen surfing though my spice rack. Rolled you say... pipe...(off to find out who inherited Papa's Pipes)


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