My Dog Isn't Subtle

While sitting at the computer I notice Benny has brought me something

And, what's that down the way?

Lily and I discover Benny has delivered another shoe.  Hmmm...

I follow the trail of sneakers to the Living Room to find more footwear arrangements

This selection...

And this selection

In the course of 15 minutes our dog has arranged 4 shoes* in obvious places.  I do believe Mr. Ben wants me to get off the computer and take him for a walk.

(*These aren't my shoes, they're Rob's ;-> )

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  1. He is like Lassie! My dog's aren't that creative. The just run back and forth between the door and me for about AN HOUR!

  2. Too funny! He was doing his job, retrieving your shoes.

  3. kinda cold and wet for a walk today, lol our dogs asked to come in


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