Dear Commenter, Go Tweet Yourself

@jimmj8871 told me on Twitter this morning:  "@AnnAgain66 how old is your daughter? good approach if younger, if older maybe she needs to figure out by self?"

Is this person kidding me?    (Their comment was in response to my post - click: here)

In this stage of our world development, where bullying is escalating to such terrifying levels that the desperation of some children pushes them to the unthinkable conclusion that committing suicide is the only relief; is this person telling me that I should back off at a certain age and let my child "figure it out for themselves"?  Are you freakin' kidding me?!?

Let me be clear to whomever feels you should let your child "figure it out for themselves", I will always be there, making my presence known, either by actually standing beside my child, or quietly in the classroom corner.  I will be the parent in the principals office asking to have a meeting with other parents, or I will be the one at the PTA Meeting pleading my case hoping others will join me.  I have no qualms of going to the news media if I feel a situation is endangering my child. 

Mama Bears Unite!

When I told my dear husband Rob about the comment I received his reply was this, " Dear @jimmj8871, please define older and younger for me.  At which age should I throw my child into the pit?  Whether my child is 6 or 16 I am still a parent teaching lessons."


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  1. as parents we do try to stand back and let them figure it out for themselves, but the problem lies with how mean/cruel kids can be. kids don't want to be known as the snitch, tattle teller, etc. it kind of makes you a social pariah at school. these kids don't say anything, because they don't want other kids to be mad at them,especially when it comes to middle school-aged children and up. they worry a lot about what their peers think of them. they want to be liked.

    i think you and your daughter handed it well, and it was good that the person who did it fessed up, too. oh, and trust me, i would have been there for my daughters, too, if something liked that happened. you're doing fine, ann...don't let one commentator tell you otherwise.

  2. I liked your husband's response. I hope you sent it to the twit!

  3. You and your hubbie are both awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. And this is why we love you and guitar guy!

  5. The first thought that came to my mind when I read his tweet was, "Obviously no children of his own or is one of those parents whose child is the cause of the problems we have in schools today". I thought about it a moment more and decided the following:

    @jimmj8871 is an a$$. How dare he try to tell a parent, a mother no less, what is appropriate in raising her child.

    Of course, you handled it far better than I would have. :)


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