Swamp Ophelia

My mind has been elsewhere lately.  Losing a family member can do that to you.  Are things in order? Have I made household paperwork easy to understand?  Or, are my notations just for my minds crazy wiring?

When I go, please know that,  I want "Swamp Ophelia" by the Indigo Girls to be a part of my life's soundtrack.  (And that... if I had ever had the courage to Karaoke... I would sing "Crazy Game" by I.G.)

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  1. You've been going through a lot lately. Your families loss, the stress that comes with raising a pre-teen and being all it means to be a Mom, wife and you. I just wanted to let you know: I'm here, I'm listening (reading) and I'm sending you lots of good vibes in hopes to help you get through these troubled times. XOXO.

  2. This is one of my all-time favorite albums. Every song is fantastic. Crazy Game and The Language of the Kiss all fantastic stuff.
    Hope you're doing okay. I'm just catching up on blogs and see you've been through a lot. I'm sorry to hear it.


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