Portland Marathon 2010

If they ever make running/rainboots, they'll be a hit in Portland, OR.

(Let me be clear before I begin, no I did not run in this marathon.  But I am a great cheerleader!  And I'm proud of each and every person who participated; runners, walkers, volunteers.  You all did a great job!)

While living on a somewhat busy street there are a few fun perks that happen twice a year. Our house is located on route of the annual Providence Bridge Pedal and the Portland Marathon. On these days the street is closed to car traffic and the lovely sounds of gears shifting, or running shoes hitting the pavement, take its place. It's delightful :->

We are located at mile 18 of a 26 mile course.  Here's a bit of what it's like. Walk with Rob and I, won't you?:

Very prepared with H2O

And we can't forget the most talented cheerleader the Portland Marathon has:

There were over 15,000 participants this year!

If you ever want to hang out with us and cheer on the runner's and walker's, you are more than welcome.  Mimosa's included! :->

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  1. Hello, stopping by from the blog hops.

    Oh my goodness...it had to be so hard to run in the rain!!

    Hope you will stop by and follow either or both of my blogs.

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  2. So cool that you get to witness this every year!

    Maybe one day Kate will expand her repertoire of songs!

  3. I would love to run a marathon, but I'm lazy. Living on the route of a marathon is better if you ask me.


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