If Only It Had Pictures

So I've been going through things that are in closets, drawers, shelves. I’m in a different head space right now and I want to make sure things that are in my house represent me, my family, not things that I absent mindedly gather and store. Some things are worth keeping but most aren't. Take this book I found on a shelf hiding under shoes, the title "How to Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed".

This publication is funny for many reasons. (I’m confident this book is directed at men)

1- This book is 245 pages long

2- None of the 245 pages has pictures

3- Did I mention that this book is directed at men?

So while I put things in piles of ‘Keep’ or ‘Donate’ you can just imagine where this UNREAD book ended up.

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  1. Oh my god! Hilarious!
    Not that guitar guy would NEED anything like that anyway! :)

  2. I guess one of the real questions here is how can this be one of 'your' books. There has got to be one heck of a story there I mean have you seen your husband! Oh ~ that was probably stalkerish of me ... sorry ... my bad. ;)

  3. Hola,
    Ya he visto algunos hay ...



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