Fill In The Blank

Isn't getting older ________?

Yes, it beats the alternative.  But I'm keeping it light here and mocking the aging process for women, or more to the point, for ME right now.

Yesterday I had a visit to my lovely lady doctor for my lovely lady parts and now I'm heading to get my blood drawn.  Paper work, paper work, paper work.  Dates to remember, or to be precise, for me to completely draw a blank on and not remember. 

I'm tired, I'm fuzzy.  Things aren't working correctly.  Stress, stress, stress.

I was asked a question yesterday regarding something that is commonplace in my life and I couldn't make the answer form in my head.  Completely blank brain!  I stared at the wall, I stared at the floor, I stared at the stirrups connected to the exam table and couldn't come up with the answer.  The nurse said "Could "vitamin" be the word you're looking for?"  


Isn't aging  ______?

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  1. I am glad to hear it's not just me!!

    Isn't aging a "treat"? : /

  2. I blame it on mad cow disease...not aging.

  3. Isn't aging the most awful joke God has played on us? Ummm...God? I am sorry to say but don't quit Your day job...comedy is not for You! While I DO often enjoy Your supreme sense of humor, not at MY expense, umkay?


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