Really? Are You Sure?

I have an aversion to my 9 yrs. old daughter getting her ears pierced.  She says, "I want my ears pierced."  I say, 'We'll see how you feel tomorrow.' And I hope that she forgets tomorrow.

This has been going on for a month.

I'm not really clear on why I don't want her to have her ears pierced.  Do I feel that this act of decoration will lead to her growing up too fast?  No.  Do I feel that the next step will be wanting to wearing make-up?  Not really.  Do I envision her hanging out on the play-ground with the tough kids, wearing leather pierced here-there-and-everywhere and smoking?  Um... maybe. 

No, no,  no.  There's no smoking on our playground!  (I know this because it's a wide-open area with no hiding places and tons of supervision.  If a child sneezes there's someone there with hand sanitizer, so no, there's no smoking on our playground.)

I had my ears pierced when I was 17.  I think it was 17.  Oh yea, it was, because I remember when it was time to change my earrings from studs to something cool I had my friends over to help me and we all had haircuts that were slightly "Flock of Seagulls" looking.  THAT was age 17.  Oh Lord.

She's very responsible, loves to be fancy, so I should agree to this.  I believe she's ready to have her ears pierced.  The idea still catches in my throat.  We'll see how she feels tomorrow.

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  1. : ) I had my daughter's ears pierced when she was four-ish. We added her second set when she also had her nose done at 16. Then she had her cartilage pierced several months later. She was student council, Key Club, choir...all around good student. She is 21 now and still has the double earrings, but the cartilage and nose piercings are gone.

    My only advice is...if and when you feel comfortable and you two agree on piercing, don't go to Claire's. Get it done right at a piercing studio by a professional.


    Good luck! And there is no rush!

  2. Or you could just tell her you've decided she can them but Dad must do them with his hammer and a couple of nails to save you some money. I'm kidding ... really ... I'm kidding. But I suppose that response could stop her from asking for a while.

  3. I told Nicole she had to wait until her 10th birthday. She knew she was going to be responsible to take care of them and she did a wonderful job. I did cave in and she had them done sooner. Went to Merle Normans and it was perfect.


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