Race For The Cure (And For Your Umbrella)

It was a good day to put on my walking shoes / galloshes and join over 40,000 neighbors to Race For The Cure.  The clouds held off for a while then...

Mom brought her umbrella

*boom*  down came the rain.  'Oh well', we thought, 'we're Oregonians we can take it.  Off we go!'

water bottles as umbella - not effective
I do believe that this was the first Wet T-Shirt Contest at Race For The Cure.   I was soaked through and through.  

My mom, sister, daughter Katie and I made it to the finish line a little wet but grateful for the opportunity to support our "sisters", and "brothers", at Race For The Cure.  It was a great day.

(Thanks Kathi, for your pics from your awesome phone :-> )

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  1. My daughter's sorority volunteers at the local (Denver) Race for the Cure every year. They are always really moved and energized by the event.

    Water bottles do not make a good umbrella!! Funny! It looks seriously wet!! And fun!

  2. Oh my!! I was reading it was raining and saw your white shirts and thought "that couldn't have been good". I hope you don't get sick from running/walking in the rain!!

    Next question--are the water bottles pink or is it the water? Pink water doesn't sound good (unless it's from Crystal Light or something). When we were in Nebraska the city we were in couldn't get their chemicals straight and we often had pink toilet water (and shower water, etc.)...needless to say I bought lots of bottled water.

  3. Congrats for participating in and completing the walk, even under less than perfect conditions.

  4. I was thinking about you all day Sunday! Way to go, looks like a lot of wet fun.

    If we planned our events around the weather here, this state would never do anything outdoors.

    I'm so glad you all had a good time. I just love that your daughter raced with you.


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