Questionable Costumes

Halloween is coming.  Time to find that outfit to fit your childs personality and/or alter ego.  Let's take a look at this years offerings, shall we?

We have:

Car Freshner Baby

Yes, they can be incredibly stinky.  But we all know this "Pine Tree Scent" isn't going to cover the mashed peas our little precious had for lunch.

Bags 'O Money

A truer costume has never been made.  Do you know how much money will be spent, on average, on your precious angel by the time they reach 18 yrs. of age? $197,700  *gulp*

Baby Pimp

There's a goal!  Go pay your own way little man.

Toddler Chef

You know, I'm sure your toddler could make a dish more delicious than some of the things I've made.  Mud pies anyone?

Toddler Elvis / Spock

Recession Special People!  You get a 2-for-1 with this outfit!  What a bargin in these trying times

Tween Slutty Baseball Player

Did I write that?  Well, look at this offering - labeled for a 'Tween - and tell me what you think?

Dept. of Corrections Orange Jumpsuit

What the hell?   I... I... I don't know what to say.  (At least it didn't come with a shank)

Happy Costume Shopping!

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  1. ha! funny! you know you have your hands full when you think it's appropriate to dress your kid in a jail suit!

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  3. So glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. Though I think the pimp outfit is hilarious.

  4. YIKES! We'll stick to the mario Brothers!

  5. Thank God my mother can sew. This year, the girls are going to be flapper girls. Shimming fringe and all. Easy, right? Well, easy for me but time consuming for grandma.

    Maybe I can strap a little flask of kool aid to their thighs...

  6. Those lace-up sneakers are RIDICULOUS! Otherwise that outfit wouldn't be too bad if the um, shirt?, were several inches longer.
    Last year I saw a guitar costume for babies. Hoping I can find it again for Benjamin.

  7. OMG!!!! Where the hell was the Baby Pimp costume when my son was that age? I could get it for him now but at the age of 12, I think that would be a bit wrong! These are great!!! Love your take on them!!!

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