Katy Perry On Sesame Street - A Child's Timeline

Have you heard about some parents that were so up in arms about Katy Perry's outfit on her recent visit to Sesame Street that they drove the PBS series to pull her duet with Elmo? (click here)  Perhaps this is what they were thinking would happen...

Preschooler watches Katy Perry and Elmo sing "Hot Then Cold" on Sesame Street.

Preschooler notices, with her sharp eye for fashion, how Katy Perry's cleavage is in plain view.  "Well", toddler thinks to herself "if this is on Sesame Street then dressing like that must be the thing do to."

Preschooler finds her safety scissors, goes to her closet and cuts the collars from her little Gymboree top.  Preschooler gets her Elmer's glue and attaches anything sparkling to the chest area to truly enhance her newly shorn top.

Preschooler wears her new top to Tinker Tots Preschool.  At snack time she notices that little Joey wants to share his gluten-free cookies with her.  Little Tommy wants her attention as well and gives Preschooler all of his wheat-free cheese snacks.  Little Preschooler likes the attention she's getting from her Katy Perry inspired top.  Little Preschooler is thinking of how she could make a mini-mini-skirt from her corduroy pants.

Little Preschooler grows up to be a Hooker. 

Thanks a lot Katy Perry.  Thanks a lot Elmo

Now c'mon.  Really?  You know what would really happen? 

Preschooler watches Katy Perry and Elmo sing "Hot Then Cold" on Sesame Street.

Preschooler claps and dances.

Preschooler finds her sippy cup, chases her cat and goes on her marry way.

Team Katy Perry.

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  1. The only people that would have noticed Katy Perry's cleavage are the adults. Kids, especially girls, would have only seen her dress up like a princess. Seriously. It's a cute little sketch and I love Katy Perry. She's too cute to hate :)

  2. Seriously!! I agree with you! Some people really need to get a grip and stop over analyzing things!!

  3. you should see the Canadians talking about this. HAHAH!!! the words "prudish Americans" came up..

    I think Katy did an excellent job of playing Dress up, and an excellent job of changing her lyrics for the occasion. I also think the clip was excellent.

    I had fun watching, I showed it to my almost 9yrold, and 5yrold they were dancing along. I didn't get a chance to show it to my 11yrold wasn't home yet to get his opinion but I also didn't mind showing them. :) they like elmo

  4. I agree. While I don't personally wear clothing that revealing, it's not like anything was showing. I can walk in the mall any day and see things way worse than that.

    How about instead of critizing her, we praise her for taking time to donate her talents to a children's program. She should be a role model for the other train wreck young stars who don't contribute anything!

  5. Preschooler grows up to be a hooker... best blog line EVER! I seriously laughed out loud!

  6. Love this post, Ann! So I just showed this video to my 12 year old son who is very open about the fact that he is a "boob guy." (Oh yes, he has been grounded from the computer many times for his searches!!!)

    His reaction? "What the heck? That was stupid." Me: "Did you like anything about the video?" Son: "Not really." Me: What about Katy Perry? Did you like anything about her?" Son: "I don't really like Katy Perry."

    The verdict is in....NOT guilty! If 12-year-old-boob-lovin-porn-googling son isn't at all drawn to her bust then nobody was! Except for the parents. Hmmm...maybe they were jealous or sexually frustrated themselves!!!

  7. Total agreement. I am convinced my toddler would end up hooking for a living if she watched Katy and Elmo.

  8. I think she looks cute and I agree--people are making way too big a deal about this. There are pah-lenty of images in the media that actually could be damaging--why on earth anyone pick this one to have an issue with is beyond me.


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