Dear Diary

A box in the corner of my attic holds my diaries from High School. 

Why?  What is the point of keeping these "Books of Potential Blackmail"? 

I started looking through the pages and immediately was sucked back in time.  I laughed, had lots of memory vacancies (who was that boy I was losing my mind over?  I devoted page after page to him and now I don't remember the situation at all!  And what sweater was it that I just had to have? )... then I panicked.  What if my daughters found these?!?

I wasn't a crazy girl.  I was pretty tame compared to most.  But still, I recorded feelings that were overwhelming at the time and experiences that were, well, in all honesty we know how out-of-control young emotions can get.  The drama!  Oh the drama. 

Why am I keeping these?  I don't think I should. 


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  1. I say keep them!!! But, keep them somewhere private and safe. Maybe get one of those fire proof lock boxes (I think they have them at Target even) and then hide the key somewhere. I think if you throw them out you might regret it some day.

  2. LOVE the new look! LOVE IT!
    Keep them, keep them! They're part of your history, as cringe-worthy as they might be! (Mine are worse, I guarantee it!) You'll regret it one day if you get rid of them.

  3. You've got to keep them. My mom kept a lot of stuff, and of course I snooped thru everything...I was quite the investigator as a kid. But the more a found, the more I felt like I new her. I saw her in a different light, not just as my mom, but a real human being who was a teenager like I was at the time.

  4. Oh boy. I never kept a dairy, though I do now in a way with the blog. I tried from time to time back in the day, but it only took a week or so for me to feel embarrassed about what I wrote and decide to discard the whole thing.

    That said, I would keep them!! They are wonderful glimpses into your life. They are real and precious...maybe often silly, but worth saving. In a safe secure location. I like Susan's idea...lock and key!!

  5. I got rid of mine. I didn't keep on in high school, but I journaled for a few years before I met my husband. I decided that if something happened to me, I really didn't want him thumbing through them.

    I did keep a stack of letters from an old boyfriends. Like you, I don't remember half the things he was writing about.

    The funnest is reading your high school yearbook. Checking out the comments was quite an entertaining hour.

    I say, "Light the fire." Then dance around the flames!

  6. I used to write in diaries then destroy them when I worried Mom or my big sister would read them. But...as a parent, I kinda wish I kept them. I didn't do drugs, my "first time" was with the man I married (yes, before we married) so the issues I would worry about my kids knowing were not really existent. I wish I kept them to show my daughter that yes, even though I am not 16, I DO understand what she is going through. I tell her about mistakes I made, feelings I had and how I was a human teenager too but I think those are just words to her. I think if I kept my diary about how my heart was broken when so and so dumped me and I hated my mother to the core at times, I would gladly hand it over to her. I would let her read it in all of its juicy wonder so she could FEEL that I can truly feel for her.

  7. I still have all my old journals. In fact, I painstakingly scanned each page into my computer, so I could have a digital copy. I'm not always proud of what I wrote, but it is a piece of my history. I love looking back at them and reminiscing. I wish I were better at journalling today. My advice? Definitely keep them!

  8. Totally keep them! When your daughter gets older and has crazy hormones, you can refer back to your diary and understand.

  9. I would have to burn my letters to my hubbie. :)


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