Found On The Sidewalk Friday - Could It Be???

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I let my imagination get the best of me with this week's Found On The Sidewalk Friday.

What's that ahead of me?  Is it money?  A shiny special ticket to a magical land of candy?

So exciting!

Ugh.  Nope. 

It's the top wrapper to a yogurt container.  Well, it is my favorite yogurt.

Walking is good! Have you found anything interesting on, or by, your sidewalks? If so, share on Found On The Sidewalk Friday.

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  1. Looks like a tasty brand. Sadly they don't sell it in Connecticut. :(

  2. Dead coon being eaten by a turkey vulture. I spared everyone the picture. Your welcome.

  3. Darn on the lack of money find! one day I found a "good" check. I ended up calling the company that made the check out, it was made out to a government office. The came to the door to pick it up.


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