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*Here we are for the new night for The Virtual Girls Night Out blog-hop.  The VGNO is for those who want to sneak away from the demands of family, if only for a little bit, and party "virtually" with other bloggers.  More exposure for your blog is the point of VGNO. Connecting, supporting, encouraging - those words describe the VGNO Guest!

The VGNO began in the summer of 2008 and we're still partying! To play just check out this post then add your blog name & link below. Click on blog links that have joined our party - it's a blog-hop! Happy VGNO! *
Time For Some Tunes!

Josh Pyke "This Summer"

I've had summer's like that.  I never want it to be over.   *heavy sigh*  What about you?

Time For A Cocktail!

Perfect Pear Margarita

1 oz. 1800 Silver Tequila
.25 oz. Pear Puree
.25 oz. Fresh lime juice
.25 oz. Agave nectar
Combine first four ingredients in a cocktail shake with ice. Shake vigorously and pour into a lightly salted high ball glass.

Yum!  Kind of like a smoothie with a kick.  I like!!!

About Last Night
And after the night our neighborhood had last night I think we could all go for a couple of those Pear Margarita's.  It seems that an incredibly drunk man tried to get into my neighbors house around 12:30 last night.  Their 17 y/o daughter was on the computer and heard the door trying to be opened.  She woke up her dad and the 2 of them yelled through the door telling this guy to go away.  The drunk guys response?  "I want to sleep in your house!  Let me in!"  He then went to their back door. THAT'S when they called the police.

The police stopped in front of our house, with their search lights pointed directly into our living room and our girls bedroom, and questioned this guy for an hour.  Gee, if this guys causing a ruckus let's just wake up the whole neighborhood!  Man.  They eventually cuffed him and took him away.   Late night game of "Go Fish" anyone?

So, how was your night?  ;->

OK friends, off we go to show our support and blog-hop!   Add your blog link and visit those that have left their links. Go mingle! Happy VGNO!


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  1. OH boy! Sounds sort of like some happenings in our neighborhood over the last 6 mos. Sounds like you need some caffeine in your cocktail!

  2. I'm lovin' the move to Saturday - Fridays have gotten so hectic!

  3. What a great idea Ann!

    Oh and I tried to add your button to my "Awesome Blogs" page but when your code isn't working! When you get it fixed, let me know so I can add it!!

  4. Oh my to your neighbor story! Can you imagie if they forgot to lock their door and no one was awake? Scary!

  5. Eeeek, Ann...that's scary! Glad everyone is safe. :)

    Mmm, those pear margarita's sound yummy. XOXO

  6. Sorry I missed your first Sat night GNO. I was at my inlaws for the weekend.
    Glad everyone in your neighborhood was safe and okay.


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