Distraction From The Break Down - Car Break Down That Is

Due to our car breaking down we were a bit stranded during our vacation but, we still had access to a small grocery store that had the basic necessities;  milk, eggs, bread... and the fixin's for S'mores!

When it's summer time that's our favorite time to make S'mores.  Especially when we're on vacation!

Car trouble?  What car trouble? 

Now, where's mine?  ;->   S'mores equals smiles!  www.SmoresSmiles.com

(* I'm entering a contest for a S’mores prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.  Why not?  Right?*)

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  1. Sorry about being stranded! Though chocolate does fix everything :)

    LOVE your new about me! Seriously hilarious. If you get him, will you see if he'll do mine too?

  2. Chocolate makes everything right in the world....:)

    PS- Love your little one throwing up the peace sign!

  3. *drool* Now love, have you tried s'mores with peanut butter cups? O.M.G.

    7 day camp trip. Leaving the first of August.....packing chocolate now.

  4. Yummy! the island is calling me this weekend and I ws out shopping ,I had to leave the chocolate part in the store because I knew I'd eat it before getting to the smore part. :p


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