31 Days Will Most Likely Be 41... or 51

I'm supposed to be on day 11 of  the project "31 Days to Build a Better Blog" and it's taken me days just to get day one's task done.  Not even done - have finished!!!

Creating a tag line for my soon-to-be redesigned blog has "bloggled" my mind.  (Made up word.  I think we could make it catch on!)  Trying to sum up what I write about, what my blog focus is, has messed me up.  But it was necessary.

And also trying this project while my girls are out of school for the summer is difficult, seems I'm not the only one that wants to use the computer.  And if the weather is nice (for the Pacific Northwest that means the sun has come out) there are so many activities to do.  Yeah summer!

I won't stop working on "31 Days to Build a Better Blog".  It's just going to take me a bit longer.

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  1. Oh girl, I'm with ya! It started the day I got back from Montana so I knew I would be late starting... didn't realize I would be THIS late. Starting tomorrow :(

    I'm sure I'll be running to you for advice!

  2. They're no problem with taking it a bit longer! Darren's even mentioned that some have spread out the challenge over an entire year!

    Congrats for sticking to it! That first task is a doozy. Also, I think boggled IS a word! :)

  3. Dont stress out, its ok for projects to take longer.

  4. I didn't do it simply because it got to be SO large that it became overwhelming. I figure I can do it at my own pace, though.

  5. Oooh! You are redoing your blog? Can't wait!


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