Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

Something terrifying has happened in our community.

On Friday, June 4th a 7 year-old boy went missing in Portland, OR. What makes this situation more horrific is where it happened, in his school.

Friday morning's schedule was different for this school. They were having a Science Fair before the school day started then a Talent Show in the afternoon. More people were in the building than usual. 7 year-old Kyron Horman was so proud and excited about his science project, that both he and his stepmom worked on, he made sure she came into the building to see their work.

Together they went to his classroom and dropped off his things. Together they headed to the space that was holding the Science Fair. His stepmother took a picture of Kyron standing next to his "Red-Eyed Tree Frog" and posted it on her Facebook page. "He told her, 'I'm going back to the classroom, Mom' and she waved at him and left", said the stepmom's mother to the newspaper.

The stepmother left the school and went about her day of running errands and doing household chores. At 3:30 she went to meet the school bus. The driver said Kyron wasn't on it. When she called the school she was told he was marked absent for the day. He didn't make it back to his classroom.

Within his trusted school halls something went horribly wrong.

It's Monday morning and the news is reporting that no one has seen, or heard, Kyron Horman since Friday morning. His biological mother lives in a city 272 miles away and came here when she heard of his disappearance.

Once I walk my daughters to the school doors and give them a hug and a kiss I've thought that all was well. They were on their way for another day of adventure and drama. There they will stay until I pick them up and hear about mean Mrs. So-and-So or the latest 'Tween drama. I've thought by my action of walking my daughters to the actual school building I was keeping them safe. I'm sure that's what we all think. Just like Kyron's stepmom thought on Friday, June 4th.

I'm praying so hard for this little boy and for his family.

* Update 6/9/10 - Still not one sign of this little boy)

*To learn more and for updates on the search for Kyron Horman go to oregonlive.com

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  1. This is so scary. I will be praying for Kyron and his family.

  2. How very Terrifying!! I'm praying for that family

  3. how awful! My little brother once went missing from school. In the 4th grade. His teacher sent him outside the classroom, and he got tired of standing there so he left, campus! He started walking home (5 miles)and met up with an older kid (that he didn't know) and went to his house. It wasn't until after school that anyone realized he was gone and called the police for a search. Lucky for us, he wasn't harmed, but How did he ever get off campus?! I hope that these parents are as lucky as we were!

  4. that is incredibly sad. it gave me chills reading it.

  5. This is so horrific, my mouth is still hanging open. How does this happen?

  6. Oh Ann, I saw this on the news this morning--truly, every parent's nightmare. May the Lord shower His grace on this family...


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