Do You Have Any Pictures?

While the gentlemen were watching a golf game, after their Father's Day meat extravaganza, my niece and I were in the other room happily avoiding the golf game. She asked if I had any scrapbooks, so I pointed to the rows and rows of memories on the shelf in the corner.

While going through the pages she happened to find the book that held her parents wedding pictures. They are now divorced so seeing those pictures were a happy surprise for her little heart. She said, “I want to wear my mom’s wedding dress!” Sweet.

After a while I decided to venture into the den of napping men and slyly change the channel. My skills must be rusty because they woke up. As we watched the clean clothed gentlemen hit a tiny ball very, very far I heard my niece and my daughter scream “Why are you naked?!?” What?

We hear giggling and my youngest daughter says “Um, mom? Why are you in a bathtub?” What?!? Oh!!! I go to the living room to see that they are now looking through our wedding album, our before – during - and after – wedding album.

Now yes, we were in the bathtub, but nothing was really showing, bubbles and perfectly placed bent knees are a shy girl’s best friend.

My husband and I completely forgot about those pictures. They weren’t photos that will scar any child, they’re just enough to make everyone’s cheeks red and make me quickly change the subject. Who wants Hot Fudge Sundaes?!

Today is my day to peruse the shelves of memories, and edit where necessary.

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  1. hahhhahahaha!!!! love it! :)

  2. Oh, my!! That's a great story! And thank GOODNESS there wasn't anything to revealing in those shots!

  3. Oh my gosh!! I can't even imagine lol. If you're anything like me I'm sure I can guess what shade of red/purple you were! Yikes! So glad there wasn't anything to scar any of you for life though lol.

  4. Cuuute! I bet you and guitar guy had a niiiice honeymoon. Hee hee!
    And, I plan on using that line many, many times! (Who wants candy!?!?!?)

  5. YIKES! Glad it wasn't anything too revealing- whew!


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