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She's home She's home! My Outdoor School adventuring 12 yrs. old is home. It has definitely been a quite week here. Now we are waiting for her pictures to be developed and seeing if OxyClean can really take out embedded grass and dirt stains. Time to relax and have a Virtual Girls Night Out!

Time For Some Tunes!

I've been thinking about Motherhood a lot lately and this song keeps popping in my head. It seems a perfect soundtrack for Mother's - The Movie. (Someday someone will write the screenplay, I'm sure.)

Chumbawamba "Tubthumping"

"I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down". THAT'S what being a mom can feel like sometimes.

How can you not sing along to that tune?!?

Time For A Cocktail!

"He drinks a whisky drink..."

Barlely Legal
2 oz. Perrier - or more
1 oz. Glenlivet Scotch Whisky - or more
Mix and serve over cubed ice in old fashioned glass. Garnish with a twist of lime.

Sounds perfect right about now.

Time For A Party Game!

As I look around my house I see a LOT of Barbie's. There's the Barbie in her scuba suit and the Barbie who's a Vet. These Barbie's are outside on the swing-set and in the garden too. But, these dolls don't represent the way I think they should. If I were a Barbie I would be "Sunscreen Barbie". Follow the chart below to see which Barbie you would be.

"Modern Barbie"
Use the chart to find which Barbie you are. Use the letter of your first name.

A - D = Sunscreen Barbie
E - H = Lactose Intolerate Barbie
I - L = Migraine Barbie
M - P = Blogger Barbie
Q - T = Mini Van Barbie
U - Z = Bi-Polar Barbie

Now, which Barbie are you? If you need to tweak this a bit, have fun!

*OK, blog pals. Time to visit blog friends at this VGNO. Add your blog link to Linky Tools and have fun hopping around. And... if you don't have time to blog-hop tonight, that's cool. Add your link anyway & I bet you'll be able to visit friends tomorrow... or the next day... or the next day. Happy VGNO! *


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  1. Love that song! Totally 90s!
    As for me, Mini-Van Barbie? Hmmmm. Not so sure about that one. How about greasy-haired Barbie? Mama hasn't showered in uh.... never mind! :)
    Miss you!

  2. Hiya from one Sunscreen Barbie to another:) Actually we're in scarf mode down in south america now. You know, reverse seasons and all. But I hope you're all enjoying your warmer weather, while I finally can knitt some slippers for my family. Hugs from Paraguay, and happy VGNO, Brenda

  3. Ahhhh...outdoor school! :) I loved outdoor school in 6th grade, sleeping at the beach & doing all sorts of fun stuff without parents! YEAH! Then I was a counselor in both high school and college...we made a little trouble at outdoor school as college junior counselors, ahh the memories! Hope she had a great time!

    I'm going to have to pass on migraine Barbie, I've never had one. I'm going with Positive Barbie, I'm working on getting myself out of my funk and getting back to being the happy, positive person I think is still in here somewhere!

    Hope you're out enjoying our sun, we were at Alpenrose for softball at 9am this morning, time for a nap or a cocktail....oh and I was awol last night because we were at the school carnival, talk about needing a cocktail.....

  4. Picture toystory where the doll is in the car instead of tourguide Barbie read... "I'm Blogger Barbie" hahha
    Love it!! Sorry I missed out on the fun. I'm going to book you all for this Friday. I'm sure I can get out my RUMS and diet pepsi. Let me just jot that down inmy weight changing journal "Friday drinking points only" :) OK you're in! :)

    Welcome home to your daughter, what a fabulous opportunity. Stains? I really really love the Sunlight laundry! it got Blood out of my son's shirt, he gets a lot of nose bleeds.

    I also love that song! :) Happy Weekend (sorry I'm REALLY late)


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