VGNO - I'm Older Than Pac-Man

Rain, rain go away. Really.

Living in the Pacific Northwest means never having to change your closets with the seasons. One day it's sunny and 75 (which is warm for us) the next day it's raining and cold. If you were to wear a turtleneck, sunglasses while carrying an umbrella no one would look at you funny. (Unless you're wearing socks with sandals, then laugh away.) I want to get my mind off of this cold wetness and blog hop at the Virtual Girls Night Out!

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Time For A Cocktail!

Happy 30th Anniversay Pac-man!

1 oz maraschino liqueur
1 oz strawberry schnapps
1 oz peach schnapps
2 oz apple juice
2 oz pineapple juice
Add the ingredients in the chronological "level" order (cherry > strawberry > peach > apple > pineapple), stir, and serve in a highball glass on the rocks. The glass is then garnished with a banana slice that has been cut to resemble Pac-Man's open-mouthed head!

*Side note: There is also a non-alcoholic Pac-Man drink (click here). But, it's a VGNO so I went with the liquor!

Time For Some Tunes!

OK Glee lovers, you caught Neil Patrick Harris on the show last week, right? Fantastic! For those that aren't as familiar with his singing you must, absolutely must watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. NPH plays a would-be super villain, Dr. Horrible, whose arch nemesis Capt. Hammer (played by Castle's Nathan Fillion) crushes his spirit by going after the girl he is secretly in love with. Got it? It's the best!!! Here's a one great scene.

Neil Patrick Harris & Felicia Day "On The Rise"

I could go on and on about this show. It's a MUST watch! All episode's are on YouTube. Have questions about it? Just ask me.

Watch it. Love it. Sing-A-Long!

Time For A Question!

Now, for those of you who remember hangin' at a new place called the Video Arcade back in the day, you'll remember playing Pac-Man. Can you believe it came out 30 years ago?!? I remember Tron and how wild it seemed. My favorite video arcade game was Galaxia. If you spent your time in a large, dark room filled with crazy computer noises and flashing lights what was your favorite arcade game?

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  1. While I sure loved Pac Man; I think my favorite game to play was Donkey Kong. Although any game that required a joy stick could keep us busy.

  2. Now see the first game I remember was pong and I was already full growed. Never been a big game player well except Clue, Mystery Date, Monopoly and Life. Oh and cards loved cards.

    Now the drink Pac Man? Sign me up!

  3. What? Pac-Man is 30 years old! You're right, I do feel old! I used to rock Ms. Pac-Man. When I think about how many hours and quarters I used to spend... But it used to make me so excited just to find a machine and a spare quarter! Sigh. The little things that kids love!
    Happy GNO!

  4. Geez, thanks for the bummer news! Guess I had better go make myself a Pac-Man. Can't believe it is 30 years old! I was always a fan of Ms. Pac-Man :)

  5. OMG...I'm THAT much older than Pac Man???? Yes, the arcade at the Mall was called Earth Port, looked just like a spaceship inside & out. I remember hanging out there just to see the cool guys. Ahhhh....the 80's! I'll be back with my link after I get a post up for today. Happy Chilly Friday! Can't even believe that I'm comfortable in my house right now in a long sleeve thermal shirt and polar fleece coat after considering turning on the ac last weekend.....

  6. I noticed Google's page this morning and thought ... thanks for the reminder ~ NOT.
    We had rain most of the day but now it's shaping up to be a fabulously sunny & warm weekend!


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