Eerie Silence

Yesterday my 6th grader left for Outdoor School.

While parents and children mulled around the buses making sure everything on the list was packed, giving hugs and kisses, some parents were saying "This is a great Mother's Day present!" Of course we laughed. It sounded funny. But it didn't really feel funny to me.

I want Katie to have an amazing time, of course. She was so excited and that made me happy. There were some children who were very weepy and I was grateful I didn't have to deal with a meltdown before she got on the bus.

The energy in the house was different last night. Her little sister is reveling in having the bedroom all to herself, and wants me to paint it pink while Katie is away. (I don't even want to think of how she would react to that discovery. No thank you.)

I am obsessed wondering what Katie is doing right now. Is she still excited? Is it raining on the mountain? Did I pack enough jeans, socks?

Maybe I should go for a little drive....

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  1. lol...we moms are just wired that way! How long is the school? Every year my boys go to my ex's for a week during the summer....it's the LONGEST week of the year.

    She's having a blast, don't you worry--and you'll have so much to catch up on when she gets back!

  2. Awww. This must be so hard! I never thought about how my mom felt the first few times I went away.
    How long is she gone?

  3. I'd be lost without my boys, even if I have offered to sell them to my sister once or twice.

  4. How long will she be gone?

    My younger one would be so lost without her older sister!

  5. Oh, my heart goes out to you, I feel your pain at your daughter being away through every word you wrote here. I just know I will be the same when my daughter makes such trips. Sometimes you so wish to have an empty nest for a few days but deep down we all really just want our chicks to be home!

  6. Truth be told I feel that way when they go to school everyday.

  7. Wow - I had to google outdoor school and it looks awesome! I felt much better for you checking out the website!!


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