Tracking Tuesday - Lilac Pt. 4 & Greenhouse Vlog

This little bud is coming right along. (See it's progress from last week here.) Some on other branches are already blooming. Maybe this one with catch up next week!

And how is the green house fairing after yesterdays wind storm?

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  1. Love your video link and story of the greenhouse - glad it survived! When we moved to the US six years ago there were two things we were very unprepared for: the wildlife that encroaches upon your home and the extremes of weather you experience here. We had only been here four weeks when it rained 13 inches in one night. My father did not believe me when I told him and I had to send him the newspaper photos! May is now my least favorite month as that is when all those storms arrive and we pray each year that we will not lose our house and home!

  2. That can't be the lilac today? :) With it SO cold & yucky outside, I'm surprised the little guy isn't covered with snow!

    Hope you had a great Easter!

  3. I love lilacs, they are so beautiful and smell absolutely lovely. I am a new follower from FFF at the Mom Bloggers Club, so glad to have found your great blog and look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  4. Jealous you have lilacs already. We are still waiting for the buds. Look at you & your cute self on the video. Bud is very manly for a dog. Speaking of men, can I borrow your husband to start all my seeds in a green house? We had pea sized hail along with the winds last night. Thought for sure I'd be cleaning up broken windows in the house today.

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