Out Of It

I was doing so well.

I was exercising about 4 times a week. Even when I didn't feel so great, I still pushed myself. But lately, I've lost my drive.

I know it started during Spring Break 2 weeks ago. A lot of driving. Just being somewhere different messed up my routine.

I need to get back into the groove. Maybe looking at myself in a bathing suit will do it!

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  1. I may have to try your bathing suit cure.
    I hurt my wrist about a week ago and decided that I needed to rest it. I didn't do my yoga but continued walking. I had no choice with dogs. Anyway I still haven't gone back to yoga. I have a bad case of the don'twannas.

  2. I'm with you! I was going to yoga regularly (the hot kind!) but then my husband started working all hours of the day and night so I did not get to go. So now it has been almost four months of doing nothing. So I need to really figure out something new I can do that will restart my fitness regime! Maybe I need to get out my bathing suit too - in August we go on vacation and right now I am definitely not prepared!

  3. I know the feeling lol...for so long I just...let go. That was easy. Now getting back to what I know needs to be done...is hard....but I've lost 6 lbs. in the last 2 weeks!

  4. ACK! I don't know if I could put on a bathing suit. Actually, I don't know if I could GET a bathing suit on. Just thinking about it depresses me. Wait - that thought was supposed to inspire me, right?

  5. I have had a few weeks like that and much to my surprise I stepped on the scale to find I lost 5 lbs. Sure it's not as much as I could have lost if I had my mojo but let's not get down on ourselves too much ... there's enough of those type out there already willing to do that for us right. Let's try again tomorrow. Just a 20minute walk and then we'll check back in with each other.

  6. OMG!!! I know the feeling of needing to look at myself in a bathing suit just to spark that motivation.
    You can do it, Darlin...

    Sorry my comments have been so sporadic the last few months... Think i'm back on track now.
    I have missed following along with you... can't wait to catch up.
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter and you are doing well!!!


  7. Here's the deal. It's a new day and it's thunderstorming outside. Nevermind I have a new treadmill in the basement ~ don't judge!
    I did spend 45 minutes taping off the crown moulding in my laundry room for painting prep so I got quite a few 'steps' in up and down the ladder. I'm getting ready to take the kids to Wally World on our spring break. If I didn't sweat enough going up and down the ladder this trip to the retail king otta do it. What have you done today?
    PS - Thanks for the link love. I'm working on an updated blogroll (which you will absolutely be on!) but as all things it's still 'in process'.

  8. ugh...same thing happened to me! On a roll, in the groove and then a weekend in Vegas and it's all gone!!!!

    Stopping by from Connect MEme Monday, a little late, as usual!

    Have a great day!

  9. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I know exactly what you mean. I've been so discouraged lately. I think it's because I changed my exercise routine. I've stopped working out in the morning and have switched to the afternoon. It's easier that way to make up excuses. In the morning, the day hasn't begun yet. In the afternoon, there's life.

    I live in Florida, so bathing suit season, sadly, is year round.

  10. I did the same thing. Started working out 5 days a week back in November and did great until the end of the kids Christmas break. And haven't started back up yet. :(


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