ATWT - It Wasn't Me

Blender vs. Wooden Spoon.

No surprise who won.

That was one fiber filled smoothie, let me tell ya'!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oh oh! That is one very powerful blender you have there - I guess it could have been worse and you could have been drinking mashed fingers instead of wooden spoon splinters :-)

  3. Oh, I've done this. Pretty sure you need to start over again when it happens, just a thought :)

  4. I can see it now....

    "Mah....Mah....I gah a binew in mah tun!!"

    What's that?

    Mom...Mom...I got a splinter in my tongue!!


  5. Well, at least the smoothie didn't end up on the ceiling like it would at my house! :)

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed that picture of the mangled wooden spoon. It looks like most of the utensils in my home.

    Thanks for the visit! I look forward to coming back to your blog.

  7. Wood smoothies are all the rage!


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