Yes, I'm That Kind Of Mom


Yes I am the kind of mom that forces her child to go to school after hitting her head on a pole.

I couldn't believe it. If only I had parked the car a few feet ahead this wouldn't have happened. But I didn't and it did.

While my Lily was turning to blow sweet kisses my way she turns and runs smack into a pole. Shit. (There I said it.)

After sitting in the car awhile we walked to the office and got her an ice pack. She didn't have a bump but she said it hurt. We stayed in a quiet corner for some time and read one of her library books. I said 'Let's gather ourselves and get to class'. That wasn't Lil's plan. She wanted to go home. And that wasn't my plan.

As we were walking in the hallway I felt parents giving me appalling looks. Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. I knew that she was OK. But my mind always goes to the darkest places when it comes to injuries and if we just pressed forward I knew she would be OK. (I've said that 2 times now, have I convinced myself?)

Well, there she is at school, probably doing just fine while I'm here fretting and stewing about the decision I've made. I think I'll call the school, just to check.


I did call the school around 11:00 and they checked on her, Lily said she was fine. She was in great spirits the rest of the day.

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  1. I am so like you; when my kids get into any kind of "accident", I always worry. So yes, I'm sure your child is fine but call the school to doublecheck :)

  2. Mother's intuition is PRICELESS. If your gut told you she was fine, she WAS fine.
    This might sound like corny info, but this sort of reminds me: Humans are the only species who ever second-guess themselves... and usually make mistakes when they do. Always trust your first instinct.
    PS- So what did the school say?

  3. You are so funny. Poor little thing. I am curious, keep us posted and let us know if she is ok. I think you are probably a great judge and knew she would be fine. Take care and don't beat yourself up!

  4. How did she do? I've done similar fretting only to have my child skip in the door after school like nothing ever happened. I do hope she is ok.

  5. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN THE FRETTING. God. I turn into a hyperventilating blue-faced mom with fangs and horns and acting like there is an Armageddon or something whenever there is the slightest injury or complaint of ill-health.


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