Three Minute Legs

Just when I didn't think they could create a more ridiculous product than The Shake Weight here comes Three Minute Legs.

Oh. My. Goodness.

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  1. Oh honey no.

    I love this though.

    No I don't

    Yes, I do.

  2. Oh my...I...oh my. It's so completely phallic! 4 minutes of watching women bounce up and down on a giant penis! Ha!

  3. LOL at both of them. Never heard of either one but I'm thinking some men might like to watch! ;)

  4. Ummm.....seriously? LMAO!! If you just add an adult toy you could SO advertise as "The Orgasmic Exerciser!" (can you not just see the commercials on SNL?)

  5. Hmmmm...maybe I don't have to work out tomorrow, just buy this!!!

    Hey I see we're tied at 203 followers! Congrats! :)

    You're making me nervous about having a middle schooler in a couple years...YIKES! I remember how I was and I CERTAINLY don't want to live with anyone like that!!!!

    See you Friday for a stiff drink....OK, I'm not really trying to be dirty, but that video........


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