Can You See Me?

I have something new... can you tell? Do I look any different? Could it be that my address is now the name of my blog? Hmmmm.....? :-> Yep! I've bought my domain name so now you can find me directly at www.annagainandagain.com.

(If anyone is considering the same move from a blogspot to a custom domain I'll help in any way I can because, let me tell ya', you'll need help. Yowzaa!)

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  1. TeeHee. At least I can see you again. Let me know if there's anything else I can do b/c I will sure try to help. It's not easy but it is better than paying mega bucks.

  2. YAY! I see you! Great purchase!!!
    I've been thinking about doing this... well, going one of two ways. Either that or starting all over again. Not sure. But I will need your expertise. :)

  3. Thank goodness! Thought I'd lost you there for a moment!


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