Virtual GNO & Vlog Update

Happy Friday blog friends!!! A lot is happening today/this weekend so let's get started with our blog hopping party, shall we? Happy VGNO!!!

*Is this new for you? Here's what you do to play at the Friday night blog-hopping party: Check out this VGNO post, sign the Simply Linked guest book below with your blog name/blog link then click on links of fellow bloggers and leave some comment love. A sweet message of "Happy VGNO!" is great. Go blog-hopping!*

Time For Some Tunes!

My 6th grade daughter is having a Valentine's Day school dance. Ah, nervous memories are flooding me now. Time for a flash back...

Michael Jackson "Rock With You"

Anyone else doing "The Spank"? Sway that tush*side-to-side*sway*sway*

Time For A Cocktail!

Agave Kiss

2 oz Tequila
1 oz white creme de cacao
1 oz double cream
1/2 oz Chambord
white chocolate flakes for rimming fresh raspberries for garnish

In a cocktail shaker with ice, add tequila, white crème de cacao, double cream and Chambord. Shake for 15 seconds. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass, rimmed with white chocolate, add a spear of fresh raspberries, and serve.

Are you kidding me?!? This sounds absolutely amazing. Kids... go to bed! ;->

Time To Vlog!

Last week I vlogged my commitment to organizing my pictures and getting my scrapbooking in order. Have I respected my commitment?

I need to hang out at Julie's blog Julie Chats to get better idea's for my pages. But I'm making things! Good for me.

Time For A Party Question!

Did you go to dances while you were in Middle School and/or middle school age?

I was tremendously shy and a nervous wreck. Hated it. My friends made me go, so I was the cliched "Wall Flower". All the while my friends swayed side to side and tried to look like they didn't care as much as they really did about the boy they were dancing with. Good times, good times.

What about you? Were you a Dancing Queen? Or a Wall Flower? Or something in between?

OK now, go blog hopping! Sign the Simply Linked guestbook below to join the Virtual GNO. Click links and visit your blog friends. Hopefully you'll meet some new ones! I would love to meet your blog friends, so post A LINK to our party on your blog and have them join us. Send our party into Twitter world. The more the merrier! That's what it's all about.


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  1. Yeah for you with the scrapbooking! :) You really should come crop with me sometime, I'm working the crop at the store next Friday night if you want to venture over to this side of town! You should stop by our online community, lot's of photos for inspiration http://whimzeesgirlsonline.ning.com
    Wow, middle school dances, I was certainly the wall flower, huge crushes on the cute guys but always doing something embarrassing in front of them....YIKES, middle school was not my best time in many ways, can you say "bi-level" haircut.....

    And of course THANKS for the mention! :)

    I've been checking out MBC today, you should join the Pacific NW Bloggers group!

  2. In middle school, I was tall, skinny and had braces. It wasn't my best look!

    So to answer your question...

    A Wallflower. And thanks for reminding me, hahahaha!

  3. I was SO the wallflower! And I'm really dating myself here, but Jr High (No middle school here) dances were all about Rick James...She's a brrriicckkk hooouuuuse! lol

    Oh, and The Roller Coaster...Ah.Ah.Ahhhh!

    Have fun on the VGNO!

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

  4. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can't get my link to show up.

  5. I didn't go to school dances because just like in Footloose we were not allowed to have them. The Churches were strong in my hometown but we did go about 60 miles up the road to a little Polish town. I learned how to Polka does that count?

  6. How cute are you with that cup of coffee? (And that smile? Love it)
    Sorry I am late to the GNO... but wanted to stop by to say hello. Hope your day with the art class went great!

  7. Following you from FFF on MBC!


  8. What a fantastic idea!

    I am your newest follower from MBC!

  9. Hey Ann... it's almost THURSDAY for goodness sake and I am just checking in on VGNO. I really need to BALANCE. I usually post on Friday's but don't know what you are gonna post about, and by the time you post I'm in the getting ready to go out the door mode!

    Great job on the scrapbooking, I was wondering about that too, and kudos on helping out in school! Seriously, I am scared about these upcoming teen years! There is a 16 yo old and 17 yo old working at Walgreens, and the STORIES they tell, and the things I have seen THEM BUY scare me!

  10. Hi,

    I could really relate to your blog.
    I have been tremendously shy as well.

    I could especially relate to how you described what was going through your mind as you were trying to deal with that event.

    I also wanted to pass on some hope, my own social anxiety is much better now. I go to Social Anxiety Anonymous (a nonprofit) (they have free support groups that are very gentle and yet help one in overcoming social anxiety problems.


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