Virtual GNO - Would You Rather...?

Since the beginning of the new year I have been on a big, huge clean out of the house. It began with my new obsession, the T.V. show "Clean House". My house doesn't look quite as horrific as the "before" homes on that show, but the amount of stuff we have is just ridiculous. I'm taking a break from my dirty & dusty clean out for a Virtual Girls Night Out!

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Time For Some Tunes!

Fanfarlo "Harold T. Wilkins"

Time For A Cocktail!

Love Junk
1 oz. Vodka
3 oz. Apple Juice
3/4 oz. Peach Schnapps
3/4 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur
Pour into a high ball glass and enjoy!

Time For A Party Game!

Would You Rather...?

VGNO participants, come up with your own "Would you rather...?" question. Mine is: Would you rather be able to read your husband's mind, or have him read yours?

Why did I come up with this?!? I don't want either option!!!

What are you going to come up with?

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  1. My hubby reading my mind would be dangerous!
    Happy VGNO!

  2. Ditto for me....I'm not nearly as nice on the inside as I try to be on the outside! But I guess "evil" thoughts are better than "evil" actions! :)

    Have a great VGNO!

  3. Oh dear... if I HAVE to choose...

    I would rather read his mind. We probably wouldn't still be married if he could read mine!

    jk... kind of...

  4. Yum! good cocktail! I would definitely choose to read his, because I'm nosy! I want to know everything!
    Happy VGNO!

  5. I'd really rather my hubby didn't read my mind...it's bad enough he has an excellent sense of hearing so if I mutter under my breath I get busted. ;)

    Happy VGNO! :)

  6. I would not want anyone reading my mind!!

    Would you rather puke or have the diarrheas?

  7. Heh fun!

    No dice on the mind reading..

    would you rather jump off the eiffel tower and into an enormous trampoline and then land into a pool of french toast and syrup...or would you rather jump off mount everest and land into a hot tub filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and nuts?

  8. Work is getting in the way of my blogging, but next week I'm not working on Friday.

    With all the drug tests they've been doing on me.. I'm afraid to even have a drink (3 tests in two weeks!)

  9. OMG! I absolutely don't want either! But if I had to, I'd rather read his mind! :) I practically know what he is thinking most of the time anyway! ;)
    Happy Fri! Happy GNO!

  10. I would definitely rather read his mind then have him read mine. But since I am sure that he would hate that I don't think I want either one. ALthough, when we are arguing and he stops talking reading his mind would be useful. :)

  11. Hey Ann! Been on a bit of spring cleaning spree too! Don't have a hubby but I'd love to be able to read others minds! lol...but I'm with "Not the Rockerfellers" comment....That french toast(thick brioche with creme in the middle too please!!) and syrup is sounding mighty tasty!! lol..


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