"Do The Scary Face"

We've been going through a big clean sweep for the new year. Feels good.

I found a pile of papers that I was ready to toss in the shreader and recycle. I had to pause when I noticed all the papers had stories written by Lily in her sweet, little 8 year old hand-writing.

I believe this one's a song.

Scary Face

"I am in the woods far from the neighborhoods.

It's very dark. I had to say Clark.

I see a face along the chase.

Do the Scary Face. Do the Scary Face.

I wish I could so I should.

I should be brave. I can't live in a cave. The cave is a scary place with a face.

Do, do the scary face."

She's so talented!!!

I think I'll keep these stories for a while.

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  1. Great story. It is hard to throw that stuff away. I was never good about getting things in binders/albums though!

    Watching Hoarders right now... it is scary how bad it gets for some people! The one I am watching has a little boy who is already exhibiting hoarding behavior - definitely not just being 'selfish' -

  2. That's adorable! She did VERY well for being 8 years old. :)

    Following In My Shoes

  3. That is really cute. You should get her to sing it for you some time!

  4. Your daughter sounds so cute, despite the challenges you have been experiencing. To better times ...
    Just to let you know, I've left an award for you on my "I've been awarded #1" post.
    have a great week!

  5. I threw away 10things cluttering up my 8yrolds room, ,shhhhhhhh! I found some artwork, but no writing :(

  6. Such a cute little song! I'm glad you're holding on to her papers. You need to cherish those forever!

    I'm glad you enjoy my blog! Thank you so much for finding it through Sandy. :)

    It's strange, you kind of caught me at a horrible time in my life. My blog is normally not very depressing. Lol. Hopefully things will start to look up for me soon and the blog will get back to normal!

    I enjoy your blog a lot. It's adorable and I know I'm going to be visiting it a lot!

  7. Awesome! I love finds like that!

  8. "Do the scary face" I love it! I have stuff for the kids all over the house. I try to keep only the special projects and few other cool pieces- and of course the stories. They are the things that make my heart smile.

  9. Yeah ~ I gotta do something about 'the corner' in my office ... someday.


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