I looked in the mirror and actually scared myself. It was one of those pull-your-head-back-and-scream "Yikes" thingys. Not good.

Where are my eyebrows? When did I put purple marker under my eyes? Just how much grey hair do I have?!?

I spent a good part of my Saturday afternoon watching QVC's "Day of Beauty". I was looking for a magic potion, something to rid my face of it's ills and send in out into the world looking 10, 15, 20 years younger. I actually did buy some products from Philosophy, but they weren't make-up items. (I absolutely love the smell of their lotions and cleansers.)

I won't stop searching, but I must accept this:

I am the lines on my face.
I am the days, weeks, years that are shown.
The happiness and sadness, the shock and the awe.
This is me.
Breathe, Laugh & Be Grateful.

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  1. I am over 40. I accept no part of my number 11's and crows feet. I had my first botox treatment this Christmas and can't believe I waited this long. Sure it's not for everyone but it sure the hell is for me I tell ya! :)

  2. Interesting thoughts. I kind of flow with the attitude of "What you see, is what you get!" I try not to get caught up in all of these beautiful lines- but I will keep up with the hair color! I'm not a fan of gray, yet!

  3. It's so hard to look in the mirror and see those things isn't it? I look and go..."I'm only 28..." but looking back on some things I've been through I can completely understand some of the lines and the gray. They are there to remind me of where I've come from and where I am now!

  4. Seriously, there is this point when you stop reading Glamour--and pick up Prevention. (chuckle) Really, just starting to come to grips with this body...and realizing that "healthy" is a way better goal than "pretty." No matter if you're talking parenting, sex, marriage...food, holidays, or hair color. If your husband digs you, your kids respect you, and your friends love you.....healthy is awesome.

  5. I love this post Ann and the comments that follow. I'll be 45 in 12 days (who's counting) but I swear I was 30 only 2 weeks ago. I think everyone has to deal with aging in their own way. Personally, I'm kicking and screaming. I can't do the botox thing but I am blessed with wonderful genes and while I do have a few laugh lines :), I try to make myself as beautiful and I am able. To my standards, not someone else's. I love Chantel's attitude. The key is to be happy with yourself; whatever that might mean for you.

  6. Totally agree... I have come to learn that it just means we are aging gracefully. (I guess)....

  7. I have had those moments!! Good to try and remember that we earned those laugh lines by laughing!

    AND my most recent beauty discovery is taking plain epsom salts and scrubbing my face with it thoroughly in the shower a few times a week - I read it online somewhere and it really makes me glow and it cheaper than cheap!

    Thanks for being so candid!

  8. Love, love, love philosophy! "The Present" is one of my faves.. it's a great moisturizer and foundation for your makeup!
    But anyway... every single picture I've ever seen of you is flat-out gorgeous! You've got perfect skin that I'd kill for, pretty eyes and a gorgeous smile. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about you is that you radiate love, plain and simple! :)

  9. There are days when I can accept myself for who I now am, wrinkles, grey hair and all.

    And then there are days where I obsess over my age, and how every day that passes is a day older...

    It's hard, this age thing. But we all go through it, so I guess that's a bit of a consolation. I think??

  10. If your lines are in the right places then you've been living life right! Unfortunately instead of smile lines I have frown ones...

  11. Beautiful, beautiful blog. :)

    I'm sorry it took me so ridiculously long to respond to you. This past week has just been a nightmare. Sigh.

    I'm looking at your profile pic and laughing a little because you are so GORGEOUS. It's funny how we all see the "imperfections" when we look in the mirror, but others really don't see them. But you're right--all those things really make us who we are and we should embrace them, not get scared.

    Although, I've heard cucumbers actually do work on the dark circles under eyes. I keep meaning to try it but then forget all about it and end up using the cucumber in salads before I get the chance...sigh.

  12. I was looking in the mirror last week (while sick with a head cold)and was wondering the same thing. For the first time in a long time, I looked different!
    The lines in my forehead, the gray hair, et cetera...
    How did this happen? Where did I go?
    I'm going to be 42 this year, but I still feel 25 on the inside.

    Oh, and the lonely chin hair that Trinity pointed out to me the other day was an especially nice touch as well. CRAP!! ;)

  13. it's more important to feel like u love yourself than to look good. nevertheless, the importance of liking the person that u see in the mirror...well, that's important too. :-) but I stop at lotions, never going for the knives and needles. aiks!!


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